Welcome to the Education Advocacy Trust!

The Education Advocacy Trust was established to promote the mutual professional interests of education and training psychologists through fund raising and other political activities. The Trust works with the Association for the Advancement of Psychology (AAP) to support Members of Congress or federal candidates who champion legislative initiatives that increase federal support (funding) for psychology education and training.

Because the Trust is a separate 501(c)6 organization, we are able to conduct advocacy activities free of the I.R.S. provisions that constrain APA, a 501(c)3 organization. Currently, our services and activities are completely funded by voluntary contributions from psychologists, but we are also in the process of developing other revenue-generating products and services.

Nurturing Psychology's Champions

Congressman Gene Green (D-TX) will be honored for his leadership in securing bill language in the House Health Care Reform legislation for federal funding for psychology training as well as for introducing a bill, HR 2066, to explicitly authorize the GPE Program.

15 Years of Legislative Success and Wins


Senate and House Health Care Reform Bills contains psychology workforce provisions

Graduate Psychology Education (GPE) Program Authorizing Bills introduced for the first time ever in Senate and House.


Primary Care Association Initiative successfully launched to hire psychologists and utilize psychology trainees in community health centers.

Higher Education Act Reauthorization signed into law and includes language that maintains the integrity and independence of the accreditation process.